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Anwar Ibrahim representative in Australia is Dr Rahim Ghouse

Monday, September 05, 2005

Australian Federal Treasurer , Peter Costello ,Anwar Ibrahim, Yassin Al-Qadi -and a missing USD 8 billion.

by Ganesh Sahathevan

The Australian Federal Treasurer , Peter Costello was one of few, if not the only official of the Australian Government who had met with Anwar Ibrahim; and Anwar Ibrahim has acknowledged Peter Costello, in public , as a friend who has helped him.

Peter Costello has refused to answer questions put to him about any assistance provided Anwar Ibrahim prior to and/or after his arrest in 1998 , with regards to providing Anwar Ibrahim, and/or his associates a safe haven for their assets.

SBS Dateline has linked Anwar Ibrahim, his representative in Australia Dr Rahim Ghouse, the Al-Qaeda financier Shiek Yassin Al-Qadi and their business partner Dr Wan Hasni Wan Sulaiman to the Melbourne based Commercial IBT Pty Ltd .

CIBT Pty Ltd was reported to be a warehouse for some USD 8 billion in assets ,mostly cash. It was recently put into liquidation by ASIC,but in a manner that allowed its assets to be shifted elsewhere before any action to secure the assets could be taken.

Raja Petra Kamaruddin, a director of the Free Anwar Campaign has admitted to an attempt at preventing questions about CIBT being raised in the Malaysian Parliament. He said he did so because an investigation into CIBT could have unwelcome consequences for Anwar Ibrahim. (see

ASIC and APRA have both acknowledged being aware of issues of concern at CIBT for at least a year and a half before taking any action.The issues of concern were substantially the same as those which led to the liquidation.

Both ASIC and APRA,as well as the ATO,which is now also interested in the matter of CIBT , are bodies that report to the Treasurer .

The Treasurer Peter Costello has refused to confirm or deny if he has received any form of contribution from all or any of the parties named above, as well as Dr Adrian Ong and/or others associated with Commercial IBT,most of whom lived and operated their businesses out of the Treasurer's electorate of Higgins.

Among these is one Peter (or Petr) Talic , Commercial IBT's last director,on whose behalf the Federal Treasurer intervened in writing in a matter concerning Talic's opposition to a proposal before his local council.

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