Thursday, 2 May 2013

They’ are Azmin Ali, Khalid Jaafar, Anuar Shaari, Dr Rahim Ghouse, Tian Chua, Elizabeth Wong, Saifuddin Nasution, Ezam Mohd Nor, Ruslan Kassim, etc.

Raja Petra: Azmin Ali, Tian Chua, Elizabeth Wong & Saifuddin Nasution Abusing & Corrupting Free Anwar Campaign Millions of Dollars (Public Fund)

I remember telling you the story about one of Anwar’s lawyers, Pawancheek Marican, asking me to close down the FAC back in 2004. Pawancheek had asked me how much money I had received to fund the FAC and I told him so far only RM3,000 — RM1,000 from Wan Azizah and RM2,000 from Anwar’s brother, Rosli.
This made Pawancheek very upset. He said that ‘they’ had been collecting millions so how come I only received RM3,000? He also told me he had met Anwar in prison to complain about this but Anwar did not say anything. Hence Pawancheek suggested that I close down the FAC so that they can no longer use it to raise money.
And who are ‘they’? ‘They’ are Azmin Ali, Khalid Jaafar, Anuar Shaari, Dr Rahim Ghouse, Tian Chua, Elizabeth Wong, Saifuddin Nasution, Ezam Mohd Nor, Ruslan Kassim, etc.
On one occasion, one of the PAS leaders, an ‘Old Boy’ of MCKK, told me he met one of the FAC Directors in London together with a Malaysian tycoon-in-exile. I asked this PAS leader who this ‘Director’ was and he replied Khalid Jaafar.
I was surprised. Khalid Jaafar was not one of the FAC Directors so how come he was masquerading as one? On further investigation I found out that Khalid, as the ‘Director’ of the FAC, was in London to meet this Malaysian tycoon-in-exile to arrange ‘financing’ for the FAC. Millions changed hands but not a cent went to the FAC.
On another occasion, I received a phone call from the US asking me to confirm the four ‘Directors’ of the FAC. I asked the chap from the US what their names were. Azmin Ali, Anuar Shaari, and two others whose names I will keep as a surprise.
I vouched for these four people, as I did not want to place them in an embarrassing situation. I then immediately phoned Dr Rahim Ghouse in Perth and asked him about these four people. His response was, “Four? I thought only three.” I then named the four and Dr Rahim said, “Oh, Anuar Shaari also went, is it?”
My phone call to Dr Rahim ended in a bitter quarrel. I cursed him and swore at him, the worse language I could use that included ‘mother-fucker’ and all. We did not speak for more than a year after that.
There were a number of other occasions when the FAC’s name was used to raise quite a bit of money. Hence I was not surprised when in 2004 Pawancheek spoke to me about it. I just sighed and told him that I had known this for quite some time. But I swear, I told him, all I received was RM3,000 and not a cent more than that.
Just close down the FAC, Pawancheek told me. The bastards are using you to collect money. If they gave you some funding at least that is not so bad. Now, as it is, they are collecting millions while you are funding the FAC from your own pocket. – Raja Petra
  1. This is how much they can accused UMNO of being corrupted and yet at the same time these are the group of people that is even corrupted their own money for a cause where they can use it to released their own leader.
  2. Malaysian should start to be aware that Parti Keadilan Rakyat and Pakatan Rakyat are not as clean as you all think and they are also not an agent for change that can really fight against corruption where they are equally corrupted.
  3. Look at how the abused the public donation and fund for into their own pocket ? During MCA recent Mega Dinner where they had collected RM 30 from the public and all the entire money is being announced to the public of their total collection and it was all 100% given to the Chinese School in that particular area where the dinner was being held. The Rakyat should now start making a comparison between the money MCA had collected from the public and also how MCA practise Pakatan Rakyat CAT by being transparent to announced the total collection and donated it all to the development of Chinese Education and Parti Keadilan Rakyat who always collected all your money but then the money was never given out to the community. It all end up into few Pakatan Rakyat leaders pocket. (if only what Raja Petra claim is true).
  4. Malaysian who donated to DAP , PKR or any Pakatan Rakyat cause or dinner should start to question there where did all the money goes and how did they actually used all the money being collected ? Please do not let Pakatan Rakyat , DAP or PKR to further manipulate you all where they all are free from corruption therefore they are poor and need funding from the public where most of them already got a lot of International Funding worth millions of dollars.
  5. Think wisely before you all donate to any Pakatan Rakyat political party , dinner or cause and also vote wisely where it is already time to know they are not the real agent of change. Moreover more than 50% of the people and leaders in PKR are all UMNO recycle bin. Abusing millions of dollars of public fund is not something that we should take it lightly. Moreover they are the one that shouted for anti corruption and yet at the same time they are more corrupted than anybody on earth.

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