Friday, 3 May 2013

Attack,Attack,Attack & Chaos

Ini minit meeting.... OK tak gerak kerja dia.

Nanti aku masukkan video dan gambar yang menunjukkan apa dia rancang memang dia buat beb. Aku rasa dorang takkan berhenti kat situ sahaja, mereka akan teruskan usaha mereka sehinggalah mereka dapat kuasa. yang babinya, kalau dorang menang, SPR bagus. Kalau dorang kalah SPR tak bagus.

Kepala bapak dia....!!!!

Bawah ni sambungan minit mesyuarat.


  1. This is one of those documented evidences. Even without this kind of a black and white proof, the dirty tactics and strategies being adopted and undertaken by the parties in Pakatan pact and by PKR in particular over the years have been noticeable and proven beyond reasonable doubts by their very own actions. And what they have in store as clearly shown in this minute can actually be anticipated quite accurately based on their track records. The bad intentions of Pakatan and the PKR in particular and what they are planning to organize on polling day are now seen in writing. It is therefore no longer speculative in nature.

    1. exactly, basically the masses have observed long enough to be able to understand their behavior pattern and tactics. These documents that managed to be shared today is not necessary but it gives soem people a clearer picture of the whole scenario. My aim is to expose these people and make known to the masses.