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Rahim Ghouse-Yassin Al-Kadi linked Commercial IBT

Australia: More instances of apparent influence of Islamists leading to failures in governance

This article is to be read in conjunction with my article below, Islamist influences on the advice  provided Australian intelligence.
The photograph at page 5 of the Queensland Muslim Times, May 2005 edition , at link shows two senators of the Australian Federal Parliament's  Senate , Brett Mason (centre), and George Brandis, (2nd from right) together with Dr Rahim Ghouse (3rd from left), business associate of the SDGT Yassin Al-Kadi.
The photograph was taken sometime in March 2005, at the home of   Khalid Ibrahim, a Malaysian businessman who is also a permanent resident of Australia. Khalid had hosted a private  reception for  Anwar  Ibrahim (3rd from right)  at his home in Brisbane, capital city of the state of Queensland.
The visit to Brisbane was part of what Anwar called his tour of Australia to thank personally her  people  for their support during his time in jail. Anwar had been released from prison in late 2004.
A short period of time after that reception, Khalid was appointed Treasurer of the Justice Party in Malaysia which is led by Anwar's wife, and to which he is adviser. 
Both senators have refused to respond to numerous queries put them, asking that they explain how they came to be invited to that private function.
Mason was recently the subject of a financial investigation , for not having declared to Parliament investments  of  undisclosed amounts.
He has refused to respond to queries asking for  details of those  investments.
Senator Mason is a member of the Senate Legal and Constitutional Committee which last year reviewed and made submission on the provisions of the Australian  Anti-Terrorism Bill (see final report at
Senator Brandis also played an active part in the deliberations of that committee.
Readers will note in that report at least 13 references to Dr Waleed Kadous and Agnes Chong , named as  co-conveners of  an organisation called AMCRAN. These references are to statements by the two, and it would appear that their statements have been used in support of the recommendations that the  Committee made, many of which were in opposition to the provisions of the  Anti-Terrorism Bill.
A sermon or khutbah delivered by Dr Waleed Kadous at the university he is attached to includes the following teaching:
But they (western schools and media) also teach you some things which are essentially against Islamic teaching. I will highlight three of these. Now, as far as I can see, these are three of the pillars of Western Society. The problem is that these three are Great Lies.
The First Great Lie is that if a majority of people say something is right, then it is right. This Lie is called democracy....
This document has been available for many years in the public domain.Yet, the Committee saw fit to place reliance, in a report whose objective is the promotion of democratic principles,  the submissions of an avowed Islamists who abhors democracy.
Both men are also members of the Senate Foreign Affairs, Defence and Trade Standing Committee , which oversees amongst other things, the activities of the Department of Foreign Affairs.
The Department of Foreign Affairs , via an agency named AUSAID, runs a programme in Indonesia named LAPIS ( which involves the spending of AUD 30 million(about USD 24 million) with the objective of improving the management of madrasahs in Indonesia. AUSAID runs  a similar project in Mindanao called BEAM (see
Both men are known supporters of the Treasurer  of the Australian Federal Parliament, Peter Costello. Costello is seen as a  likely successor to Prime Minister Johh Howard.
Peter Costello was one of few, if not the only, official of the Australian Government who had met with Anwar Ibrahim when he visited Australia ; and Anwar Ibrahim has acknowledged Peter Costello, in public , as a friend who had  helped him when he was sacked and thrown in jail by former Malaysian prime minister Mahathir Mohamad.
Peter Costello has refused to answer questions put to him about any assistance provided Anwar Ibrahim prior to and/or after his arrest in 1998 , in particular providing Anwar Ibrahim, and/or his associates a safe haven for their assets in Australia. This query was motivated by the fact that many of Anwar's associates , including his chief adviser Rahim Ghouse, sought refuge in Australia after his arrest.
These queries were also motivated by Costello's personal intervention in a matter concerning one Peter  (or Petr) Talic , the last listed director of the Rahim Ghouse-Yassin Al-Kadi linked  Commercial IBT (see page 9, 29 of document at
( For a more complete explanation of the Costello, Anwar , Talic and Commercial IBT story see Australian Federal Treasurer , Peter Costello ,Anwar Ibrahim, Yassin Al-Qadi -and a missing USD 8 billion at link

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